Our dedicated Karate Staff is here for you whenever you need. We strive to offer you an excellent learning environment. Our instructors are certified professionals who pursue ongoing continuing education training to adhere to a higher standard of teaching. Take a look below to see each Karate Instructor.

Debra Anderson

Head Instructor Debbie Anderson has trained in American Kenpo Karate for twenty years and is a fourth degree black belt. She is the school manager, program director, and Demo Team instructor. Debbie brings a high level of energy and excitement in everything that she does. She has great tolerance and patience dealing with children and genuinely cares about their success.

Greg Flowers

Instructor Greg Flowers has been training in American Kenpo for 14 years and holds a fourth degree black belt. Greg is a devoted instructor who instills the deeper meaning and purpose of martial arts into all his students. Greg’s love for the sport is truly shown through his teaching